IoT – Connected World and Semantic Interoperability Workshop

Workshop Format: The format of the Workshop will include a mix of events

  • Keynote speakers.
    • Invited experts will give a talk related to the main topics
  • Technical papers following the format and templates of the IoT2017 conference
  • Oral presentation of selected papers 15 Minutes each
  • A Panel promoting a discussion session on the overall Theme of the IoT-CWSI Workshop
  • Coffee breaks (aligned with IoT Conference schedule) to promote more debate and networking interactions



IoT-CWSI Agenda:     TBD

The proposed agenda as follow:


9:00-9:15               Introduction and Message


9:15-10:00             Welcome and Morning Keynote Speaker


10:00-10:30          Networking Coffee Break


10:30-11:30           Paper Session 1 – Interoperability and Semantics

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4


11:30-12:30           Paper Session 2 – Connected World/Web

Paper 5

Paper 6

Paper 7

Paper 8


12:30-14:00           Lunch

14:00-14:45           Afternoon Keynote Speaker

14:45-15:30           Panel Session

Semantic Web, IoT Platforms and Internet

(Experts on each domain area including speakers to debate on 2025 Trends)


15:30-16:00           Networking Coffee Break


16:00-16:40           Paper Session 3 – Applications and Services

Paper 9

Paper 10


16:40-17:00           Closing Notes





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