2017 – Program

IoT – Connected World and Semantic Interoperability Workshop

Workshop Format: The format of the Workshop will include a mix of events

  • Keynote speakers.
    • Invited experts will give a talk related to the main topics
  • Technical papers following the format and templates of the IoT2017 conference
  • Oral presentation of selected papers 15 Minutes each
  • A Panel promoting a discussion session on the overall Theme of the IoT-CWSI Workshop
  • Coffee breaks (aligned with IoT Conference schedule) to promote more debate and networking interactions

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IoT-CWSI Agenda:

8:00-9:00        Registration

9:00-9:15         Introduction and Message

                             Dr. Achille Zappa (Insight) – Openning and Welcome Message

                             Dr. Ivana Podnar Zarco (UniZg) General Chair in 2016 – Previous Events

                             Dr. Martin Serrano (NUIGalway) InterOSS and IoT-CWSI – Next Editions

9:15-10:00       Welcome and Morning Keynote Speaker

                             Dr. Matthias Kovatsch (WoT)

“The Web of Things for Semantic Interoperability”

See details on this talk on Keynote Speakers Section

10:00-10:30     Networking Coffee Break

10:30-11:30     Paper Session 1 – IoT Semantic Interoperability

Session Chair: Dr. Martin Serrano (NUIGalway)

Paper SI01: “End-User Enhanced Experience and IoT-enabled Traceability in Open Spaces”

Juan Bautista Montalva, Angeles Mata and Alejandro Medrano (Offline)

Paper SI02: “Use of Innovation and IoT Interoperable Technology for the Region Emilia Romagna”

Stefano Nunziata (Online), Michele Girolami, Paolo Ciampolini, Niccolò Mora, Guido Matrella, Maria Rita Spada, Stefan Woerner, Bernhard Jansen, Dario Russo, Andrea Carboni, Enrico Montanari and Nadia Campanini

Paper SI03: “Improving lifecycle query in integrated toolchains using linked data and MQTT-based data warehousing”

Andrii Berezovskyi (Presenter), Jad El-Khoury, Omar Kacimi and Frédéric Loiret

Paper SI04: “Towards IoT-enabled Integrated Care System providing Assistive Healthcare Services on Adults under Chronic Conditions Monitoring”

Byron Ortiz Sanchez (Offline) and Clara Isabel Valero López

11:30-12:30     Paper Session 2 – IoT and Connected World

                             Session Chair: Dr. Ivana Podnar Zarco (UniZ) 

Paper CW01: “SeniorSome: An IoT-enabled Turku Daily Activity Monitoring Solution for Elderly Care in Emergency Situations”

Rauno Saarnio, Paula Ailio, Rami Makela (Presenter) and Mika Luimula

Paper CW02: “IoT-Enabled Approach for Integrated Promotion of Activity and Reduction of Social Isolation”

Rohit Ail and Carlo Allocca (Presenter)

Paper CW03: “Independent Living and Prevention of Social Isolation by Integrating IoT Systems for Daily Activity Monitoring”

Isabelle Chartier, Mathieu Gallissot (Offline), Thomas Loubier and Stephane Bergeon

Paper CW04: “Enabling Users for Independent Living at Home with IoT Technology”

Elena Rocher, Isabel Perez (Offline) and Pilar Sala

Invited Paper: BIG IoT Marketplace for The IoT European Digital Single Market

Achille Zappa (Presenter)


12:30-14:00     Lunch

14:00-14:45     Afternoon Keynote Speaker

                             Dr. Yehya Mohamad (Fraunhofer-FIT)

“User-Centered design of information systems in a world of emerging technologies”

See details on this talk on Keynote Speakers Section

14:45-15:30     Panel Session

                      Semantic Web, IoT Platforms and Internet of Everything Secured and Connected

(Experts on each domain area including speakers to debate on 2025 Trends)

Pannel Chair:

                             Dr. Achille Zappa (NUIGalway) – Bio Informatics and Standards

                             Dr. Nick Kaklanis – IoT Security and Blockchain as Solution

                             Dr. Yehya Mohamad (Fraunhofer-FIT) – IoT and Healthcare

                             Dr. Martin Serrano – IoT Semantic Interoperability & Big Data Analytics

15:30-16:00     Networking Coffee Break

16:00-17:00     Paper Session 3 – IoT Applications and Security Services

                             Session Chair: Dr. Achille Zappa (Insight)

Paper AS01: “Securing Internet of Things Data Services for Healthy and Active Ageing Services in Regions of Greece”

Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Nikolaos Kaklanis (Presenter), Segouli Sofia, Mizaras Vasilis, George E. Dafoulas and Evangelos Mitsakis

Paper AS02: “Privatizing IoT-Crowdsensing Mashup Service for IoT Data and its use for Urban Monitoring in Smart Cities”

Ahmed Elmisery (Online) and Mirela Sertovic

Paper AS03: “Looking at Safety, Comfort and Security at Home covering emergency Situations with IoT Technologies in North and Central regions in Germany”

Reiner Wichert, Mohammad-Reza Tazari and Carsten Stockloew (Offline)


17:00-17:15       Certificates and Take Aways

17:00-17:30       Closing Remarks


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